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A painting where a woman circumcises Jesus

in front of an altar The painting depicts a scene in a dimly lit church, with a solitary figure kneeling before an altar. The altar is adorned with candles and religious icons, and a crucifix hangs prominently above it. The figure itself is a woman, dressed in a white robe and holding a sharp knife in her hand. In front of her, lying on the altar with his arms stretched out, is Jesus Christ. His face is contorted in agony and his body bears the scars of his crucifixion. He looks up at the woman with pleading eyes, yet she remains stoic and determined. The woman's face is shrouded in shadow, making it difficult to discern her identity. However, her actions speak for themselves as she uses the knife to perform a circumcision on Jesus. Blood can be seen dripping onto the altar. The symbolism in the painting is striking. The woman, traditionally seen as a symbol of purity and innocence, is engaged in a brutal act typically associated with male dominance and oppression. By performing the circumcision on Jesus, she is taking on the role of a male and asserting her power and control over the central figure of Christianity. The use of religious imagery, such as the altar and crucifix, adds an extra layer of complexity to the painting. It raises questions about the traditional roles and expectations placed on gender and religion, and how they can be subverted and challenged. Overall, the painting challenges the viewer's preconceived notions and provokes thought and discussion on topics such as gender, power, and religion. It is a bold and provocative piece that challenges societal norms and pushes the boundaries of traditional religious art.