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. 8chan/8kun

currently goes by the web address: 8chan/8kun was originally created by Fredrick Brennan in 2013 as an anonymous imageboard website. It gained notoriety for hosting controversial and extreme content, including hate speech, conspiracy theories, and illegal material. The website has faced multiple domain and hosting service provider changes due to its content and association with mass shootings. In 2019, 8chan/8kun faced further scrutiny after the manifesto of the El Paso shooting suspect was posted on the site minutes before the attack. This led to the website being taken offline and its creator, Brennan, publicly calling for it to be shut down. Although the original 8chan website is no longer accessible, 8kun was launched in late 2019 as a replacement. The current operator of 8kun is Jim Watkins, who took over control after Brennan's resignation. Due to its history and content, 8chan/8kun remains a controversial website and has faced multiple attempts to shut it down. Some users and supporters see it as a platform for free speech and expression, while critics argue that it promotes hate and violence. The website also continues to face scrutiny from law enforcement and other agencies for its role in spreading extremist content.