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емкости для медицинских отходов это

идеальное решение. PakSter защищает от крови PakSter is designed together with HCN (Health Care Nursery) to provide safe and efficient collection of used and sharp medical disposals. It helps users to protect from needle stings that might cause infection where sometimes becomes deathly. PakSter is suitable for all kinds of sharp medical disposable products, like needles, scalpels, IV cannulas and trocars. PakSter distinguishes from other containers existing in the market, thanks to its patented filling design. PakSter has strong and lockable lid that prevents any contact with medical disposals inside and a special locking system that prevents filling when the container is filled up to the marked level. In addition, PakSter is certified by a third-party organization TUV with test clauses “ Stastica Tensile Test” and “ Shock Test ” PakSter for healthcare items HCN, we carefully examine the PakSter collection containers to ensure that the critical needs of healthcare facilities are met. PakSter are being used in combination when medical waste is collected on, and near patients. The PakSter container is designed to have a high puncture resistance, saving personal downstream from any kind of harm. In PakSter, we are using in material chemicals that can resist high heat coming from the process of autoclave, also successfully prevents the escape of infectious elements from items. Our containers have to contain plenty of extra space of about 20-30%. Improving the health and safety of medical staff is what we care about, PakSter are developing new possibilities for the products, giving staff the securest space. PakSter, the solution to keep you safe from infectious agents. Specification - Capacity: 2.5 Liters - Answering requirements of Clinical Waste Regulation of UN. - Approved and tested by TUVR - Approved by Ministary of Carriers, Transport and Communications Republic of Bulgaria. The licence is valid for thee years. Capacity: 2.5 l Dimensions: - Length: 150 mm - Width: 200 mm - Height: 315 mm Scope of delivery: - 1 PakSter container 2.5 liters with lid, - 1 free integration marking label Attention: Please keep in mind that your order must be by 1 package = 80 pcs. If you want to purchase an individual item, it´s only possible on demand. In this case there will be an additional amount of 0,12 € per piece with invoice. Other customers have also bought the following items Bestseller lean clean Speedy Shammy 10x Speedy Shammy 44,00 € * 4,40 € per 1 piece Concealer 4S YAG Laser (High Power): 4S 111,10 € * Chemos Plus Chemos Plus starting from 18,67 € * 3,78 € per 1000 ml Related products PakSter mit Deckel 10 Pcs. of 6.000 ml PakSter. The adapter to the 10 Liter plastic box. 13,08 € * PakSter < 80/80 - 10.000 ml (10 liters) 10 Pcs. of Chemos Demos. Base price 17,90 € per 1 liter 179,00 € * Folie 10x Pcs. Chemos Demo Folie 25,23 € * 2,52 € per 1 piece Demo Carpet 1x Chemos Demo Carpet 22,94 € * 4 EDTA - Pipetts Part 2 4x EDTA Pipettes Part 2 17,02 € * 5,25 € per 1 Set Slot cap FA Slot cap starting from 1,78 € * Bottle Brush 1x Cuvette Brush for containers 80/12 for the squeeze bottles 5,95 € * 2,97 € per 1 piece Screw Top 1x Screw Top 80/80 9,00 € * Bottle Brush Cuvette Brush 80/80 (Container for reaction) 11,90 € *