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Ничто не может остановить Ягуара! HomeNatural WondersArticlesBiodiversity Biodiversity Фото: Jauffrey We often hear that environmentalists are trying to protect biodiversity but what is it exactly? Biodiversity is the variability of living organisms from all sources, both terrestrial and aquatic. This includes diversity among species and genetic diversity within one species. Полатор (Polytrichum commune) © It is not only about the number of living animals, plants and micro-organisms but it also involves the roles these organisms play: they provide services like feeding humans, cleaning water, regenerating soils, absorbing greenhouse gases etc. Furthermore, it is also about beauty, aesthetic, cultural and spiritual heritage biodiversity provides. But what can we do to protect it? Biodiversity is threatened by a variety of human practices. Some, like deforestation, farming and another extractive industries, can be addressed by governments trying to limit their impacts. To the contrary, other factors, like invasive alien species and climate change, pose much more complex threats to the ecosystem. There are a lot of initiatives to protect our biodiversity but the most important step to ensuring continuity is disseminating knowledge and awareness of the importance of biodiversity to our planet’s health, a healthier future for our children, and the continued prosperity of humankind.Ежевичник (Rubus idaeus) © Here are six ways to get involved and take action to protect biodiversity: - Be Involved in Citizen Science Projects: The majority of volunteers can be active in their own garden, enjoying and surveying biodiversity around them and participate in citizen science surveys. Check out the many great Citizen Science projects available in your area. - Take Part with Some Friends: Do a bioblitz in your local area, noting species and take photos to submit your findings to a website for official recording of the species you saw in your area. It’s a great excuse to get out into nature! - Educate Your Kids: help them understand the importance of protecting biodiversity. Take them out on walks and explain to them what you see. - Spread the Word: let people know about the importance of protecting biodiversity, starting with your friends and family. - Join a Cause: Organic is growing in popularity and this is encouraging. Why not go back to basics and grow some of your own food. - Put It Into Practice: turn your garden into a wildlife garden growing fruit, veg or plants and adding different habitats. Where biodiversity is threatened or is at risk of destruction as well as where people lack the opportunities to spread the word about biodiversity, MLP was created to involvement in the WHO (UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases), NABU in Germany, various government and non-government organizations in the development of relevant policies.