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особенности мотивации подростков

”. The article deals with the problems of the development of adolescence. The author emphasizes the importance of motivation in the process of personal development of adolescents. The article analyzes the peculiarities of adolescent motivation, which include the search for identity, the need for autonomy, the desire for self-expression, etc. The author also discusses the factors that influence adolescent motivation, such as family, peers, society, and culture. In addition, the article provides recommendations for parents and educators on how to effectively motivate adolescents. These include creating a supportive and positive environment, setting achievable goals, and encouraging adolescents to develop their individual strengths and interests. The author also highlights the role of self-motivation and self-esteem in the success of adolescents. The article concludes by emphasizing the need for a balanced approach to motivation in order to facilitate the healthy and positive development of adolescents.