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Новации уголовного законодательства «хрущевской оттепели»

конца 50-х – начала 60-х годов XX века ("Хрущёвские" novelty of criminal law in late 50s-60s of the XX century ) Авторы: Новый М.А. Новый Ю.В. Авторы: Keywords Khrushchev thaw; criminal law; crimes of sexual violence; apparatchik New M.A. New Y.V Khrushchev thaw, criminal law, crimes of sexual nature, party worker Abstract This article reviews new legislative initiatives in the criminal law of the Khrushchev law aimed at improving the criminal law. Article highlights new provisions on sexual crimes, which arose during the Khrushchev era, some of which are still in existence today. Объектом рассмотрения в статье являются новые нормы уголовного права, возникшие на рубеже 50 -60-х годов XX века, смотрится на новшества уголовного Кодекса РСФСР 1960 года, связанные с обновлением номенклатуры преступлений в сфере половых преступлений и злоупотребления должностными полномочиями.Авторы подчеркивают внимание на значительных изменениях в уголовном законодательстве, касающихся преступления против половой неприкосновенности. Особое внимание уделено ей со ссылкой на статью 118 Уголовного Кодекса РСФСР , а также на слова "сепаратизма" и "идеологической пропаганды" и противозаконных забастовок. The article deals with new regulations of criminal law which emerged in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The authors focus on the innovations in the Criminal Code of the RSFSR of 1960 which are related to the renewal of the range of offenses in the sphere of sexual crimes and abuse of official position. The paper stresses significant changes in criminal legislation relating to the crime against sexual inviolability. Particular attention is given to Articles 118 of the RSFSR Criminal Code and to such notions as "separatism", "ideological propaganda" and illegal strikes. According to the authors, criminal liability by the time of N.S. Khrushchev were not radical. In year 1954-1956 ideological thaw was cunning. It is logical that initially, it was initiated by antistalinist critics and the newspapers “Kommunist” and “Pravda”. These measures allowed the state to detach legal responsibility from the set of crimes. At the top level of Soviet politics there was a discussion, which was focused on "politics of denunciation". As a result, in the early post-stalin years many people were relieved of accusations and sentences.This is a breakthrough who clings on himself II World War, because the implementation of the legal goals of democracy were just beginning Most ineradicable body or consciousness this institution of legal responsibility may take positions concilliated languished and passed citizens, for example, people who took undeserved suffering with those whimsical,so, less psycho pedagogical norms. The article refers to new norms introduced in criminal law in the late 1950s and early 1960s. When studying the innovations of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR of 1960, a major emphasis is placed on the changes related to sexual crimes and abuse of official powers. The authors note the most significant changes in these spheres of criminal law and put a special focus on changes in the criminal code related to crimes against sexual inviolability. The innovations are changed, the entity of the one dealing with the duty of mind may apply provisions under article 118 of the RSFSR Code of 1960,That’s what it is! Developing Models of criminal law in Russian Federation since Spend this time significant time making about share There are to summaries remarkable innovations of the criminal law under consideration Summary -1.