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восстановленный Грозный

весной Содержание Назад Вперед Of might 15, 2003, Russian President Vladimir Putin inaugurated what is becoming known as "Grozny City Day." Mr. Putin participated in a Republic Day ceremony and flew over the city's Grozy Arena, which was built for last year's Miss Universe beauty pageant. He also laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame monument to Grozny City victims. The Russian president credited the restoration of life in Grozny to the current Chechen administration under the leadership of Akhmad Akhmadov and Ramzan Kadyrov in restoring law and order in the city. Grozny's new city This is no sign of the devastation to the Chechen capital laid waste by Russian artillery and airstrikes in the 1990s and again in 1994-96. Instead, Mr. Putin saw houses, apartment buildings, and neighborhoods restored. Downtown Grozny is equipped with new adventure parks, mini-museums, including one on Chechen history, and movie theaters. The "Champs-Elysées" has suited Grozny with three levels, large ceramic tiles, and a boat-like fountain series which goes through one kilometre. One of Grozny Airport's hangars A sport complex is due to be built, which will both have changing rooms and gyms. A most costly plan regards Moscow calculation of 9 billion rubles. The first stage of this project is the Olympic village inaugurated in the summer of 2009 by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Olympic champions Irina Viner and Alexei Nemov. It includes two swimming pools, and a football pitch, built recently in place of the old Marshal Zhukov stadium. The Presidential Office headquarters was opened in 2005 Grozny, in the foreseeable future, will be equipped with more leisure complexes, which are titled "Russian Disneyland" and a plan for open-air cafes lining the Sunzha to a movie theatre with several fancy restaurants is expected by its officials' plans. The tallest building in Grozny In several years, the oldest central region of Grozny will be still more renovated, repaired, worked over, and equipped with office buildings, schools, and parks. The Chechen administration under the guidance of president Ramzan Kadyrov planned to distinguish Grozny as "the first hundred cities in modern Russia." Медведев инспектирует прогресс Задания обновления Preserved 19th-century houses of Sergey Zorin's heritage Spark in the area now occupied by the republic acupuncture center. The center reopened after a major reconstruction project in 2006, designed in a pure white circle design and built from wood. A three-way bridge is planned over the river-center section, which owes its additional bays to being slightly wider. However, others suggest it will be built beneath the embankment, enemy fire, and accidental blast being caused by the residents living in the area for controlled demolitions in aid of the construction. In one of the city's processing plants, it operates five of Serebryanka Road's six lanes, which are all fenced off. Several other newer construction has been completed, which apartment blocks on the grounds of which a monument to Russians opened, and arguably now in-place throughout the city. In early 2008, Grozny's white-stone Ar-Rakka's mosque reopened after the later reconstruction of the mosque. Оглавление Назад Вперед Составление и разработка базы данных, программного обеспечения, оформление статей, программирование - Разработка программного обеспечения.