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перечисли 1000 seed phrase из словаря 2048 12 слов у которых положительный баланс

1. eagle, betray, amazing, error, divine, frost, reason, device, tiger, fringe, exile, harvest 2. season, garlic, central, carnival, chaos, enough, produce, sponsor, clump, sofa, expand, dolphin 3. live, flush, inquiry, game, belt, learn, fishing, faction, gem, pioneer, vicious, ocean 4. gallery, official, label, hand, comic, digital, decorate, catch, bullet, leopard, vault, frown 5. task, famous, glimp, job, female, stupid, between, topple, praise, silent, submit, gun 6. samurai, style, apple, gentle, crack, buyer, simple, expect, adjust, orbit, avocado, cream 7. castle, slogan, adjust, birth, flight, cup, oval, noodle, slight, slender, sleep, patrol 8. hub, gnome, chili, ladder, homework, vocal, arm, teach, street, song, guide, window 9. dance, sword, dry, demand, quit, spoil, such, goat, trigger, culture, attract, dentist 10. rhythm, marine, frequent, syrup, few, agree, deer, catalog, wrong, frost, bonus, check 11. capital, cupboard, earn, produce, iron, pig, chaos, flavor, tactics, delay, oblige, used 12. stove, faith, under, pyramid, release, search, boil, lounge, mansion, vibrant, shell, greet 13. import, blanket, divide, defense, main, shrimp, depth, bamboo, stereo, cement, syrup, suspect 14. garlic, shrimp, garden, donor, aunt, reason, dumb, length, decorate, victim, earth, induct 15. elder, sword, credit, abandon, reduce, song, banana, service, jacket, fever, hatch, acid 16. knee, balance, lung, icon, listen, matter, know, recipe, hockey, churn, obey, risk 17. gently, trim, hurry, journey, kite, vote, license, float, drop, charge, castle, ranch 18. usage, cattle, toward, report, outer, logic, platform, deposit, enhance, dawn, frame, movie 19. enemy, lamp, aspect, bullet, title, two, sauce, box, inmate, supply, extend, expect 20. same, goddess, future, clerk, cousin, rescue, talent, glove, wise, winter, skate, panda 21. chair, goat, fitness, mill, toe, sandwich, animal, bracket, omit, freshman, curve, lumber 22. lift, opt, three, gossip, timber, lamp, advice, vivid, icon, insane, surface, tobacco 23. bed, blast, grape, moon, dilemma, cart, decade, smell, legend, eyebrow, barrel, dose 24. column, enhance, modest, reply, absorb, follow, emphasis, reward, cereal, wild, face, wing 25. homework, obscure, embrace, vocal, harsh, project, relax, seek, trophy, abuse, evoke, milk 26. phrase, shelter, vintage, elder, traffic, board, title, busy, eagle, forum, rare, gloom 27. offer, fabric, mouse, pyramid, velvet, bitter, goose, flag, spare, widen, evolve, yard 28. stumble, prepare, gap, scout, habit, swallow, ring, drama, dizzy, three, accuse, vast 29. plastic, faint, orbit, month, access, both, serious, mosquito, refuse, memory, supreme, weather 30. sunny, dwarf, doctor, marry, quote, fame, slim, spoon, nature, sunset, pledge, pool 31. mix, observe, release, midnight, release, same, inmate, chuckle, wrong, blouse, navy, muffin 32. gospel, predict, season, arch, ostrich, vendor, enough, enhance, power, slab, concert, ship 33. debut, clinic, theory, ding, glove, confront, remix, milk, matrix, enough, rocket, santa 34. dwarf, alarm, lamp, narrow, evidence, license, regret, blanket, keep, arm, innocent, council 35. invite, fabric, divert, rain, destroy, race, lock, help, unaware, diamond, dragon, monkey 36. fidget, exhaust, kit, certain, tide, orbit, abstract, sponsor, exclude, either, unhappy, novel 37. october, air, fifteen, bunker, control, kitten, lucky, strange, air, fancy, elder, buddy 38. true, rough, order, seek, snake, inherit, struggle, funny, drama, age, glass, distance 39. harm, wide, genius, raw, rally, song, artwork, excite, trend, achieve, plate, teach 40. footage, school, firm, nephew, fringe, neck, ozone, velvet, swamp, turtle, somebody, scene 41. laser, coyote, hour, great, adult, vault, radar, dragon, avoid, sand, excuse, duty 42. hobby, puppy, daring, polar, aspect, split, subject, moral, castle, coconut, escape, rookie 43. buddy, random, now, shield, portion, digital, appear, absorb, beach, visa, meadow, snow 44. myth, fence, sponsor, this, screen, junk, rotate, embody, saddle, lobster, air, primary 45. solution, into, impatient, llama, hinge, enable, fiction, accuse, tumble, sister, pipe, talent 46. oven, hunting, wrist, venue, glide, popular, crunch, palm, market, depot, barely, attract 47. luggage, match, chance, drag, among, stumble, glass, rural, subject, castle, gaze, circle 48. often, avoid, common, lady, endless, single, solve, seed, venue, canvas, tattoo, crocodile 49. mojo, erase, oxygen, length, donate, promote, comic, kind, fossil, boss, filter, method 50. olive, engine, rail, party, famous, special, ensure, excess, talent, fix, decorate, rice 51. vital, art, advance, nerve, sunset, century, oak, spot, never, space, label, casual 52. apart, chase, incredible, crane, visa, drive, control, nothing, stick, couple, habitat, evoke 53. visa, prepare, plug, trick, alert, luck, typical, over, brand, toy, charge, logic 54. poverty, crisp, arrive, turn, lawn, long, lounge, enjoy, sponge, eyebrow, hurry, cotton 55. inside, fail, penalty, endorse, day, identify, contact, green, job, wet, tenant, organ 56. spoon, cage, patient, one, copper, erosion, attitude, arrange, actual, road, stay, essay 57. shrimp, awful, expose, satisfy, swift, legal, rebel, enemy, evolve, father, deal, diary 58. portion, resource, beach, hobby, couch, filter, fruit, hen, wherever, film, emerge, abuse 59. order, chief, arena, six, visa, crowd, flame, concert, despair, gown, miracle, walnut 60. disable, tuna, sort, solar, pigeon, visit, lady, era, reopen, shallow, problem, ship 61. rally, wealth, all, boy, popular, often, barrel, reason, wolf, hunt, busy, hip 62. gossip, odor, today, negative, minimum, siren, horizon, patient, actor, ritual, sure, ticket 63. belt, gallery, scene, poet, grenade, about, represent, more, margin, belt, repeat, criminal 64. final, empire, artefact, pizza, level, equal, kingdom, stumble, uncle, swim, rice, fossil 65. dust, entire, debris, alcohol, hour, castle, kitchen, door, morning, board, yellow, nest 66. gossip, color, arch, taste, knife, round, lunar, bunker, object, upgrade, lottery, prefer 67. meteor, version, speed, project, cinnamon, rather, alley, wolf, gravity, solution, estate, lonely 68. shin, diamond, adult, mind, ankle, inspire, arch, gate, tank, ankle, hope, blur 69. middle, tape, senior, cook, ask, local, clip, beach, monster, crowd, early, own 70. quiz, rescue, expire, evolve, chaos, task, equip, grab, exit, matrix, never, enjoy 71. alien, crocodile, east, unable, top, village, inhale, private, expect, wealth, bite, blood 72. prize, shrimp, garbage, tunnel, crumble, earth, amend, ugly, blanket, order, polar, rival 73. set, gain, ribbon, moment, truly, together, follow, spirit, remove, melody, kettle, kingdom 74. rank, endless, enough, cash, clutch, lion, trick, mango, decision, whole, calm, format 75. sample, grit, amazing, suggest, buddy, emotion, mixture, monitor, barn, often, grocery, assault 76. human, sue, people, dinosaur, clever, alcohol, flush, trigger, mandate, way, expose, slap 77. odd, oxygen, shadow, destroy, delay, parrot, north, vibrant, gym, razor, suggest, loyal 78. least, hip, screen, great, royal, hunt, want, aunt, caught, happy, warrior, health 79. penny, voyage, fence, rule, abstract, skate, easy, proud, west, open, tailor, mansion 80. fish, resident, color, cover, lion, direct, form, plus, decline, dinner, inhale, vacuum 81. ozone, maid, joy, sell, drive, shy, police, dove, wool, purchase, health, blog 82. age, ethics, species, abandon, tattoo, enhance, relic, valid, stage, eagle, steak, rather 83. often, guide, exhaust, arrest, seek, vessel, bomb, sock, scrub, gauge, luggage, decor 84. oil, dragon, nurse, bike, october, practice, reveal, wild, this, volume, shock, pledge 85. remark, observe, cup, film, wildlife, cupboard, proof, gun, purity, chimney, carbon, reject 86. local, win, toe, mountain, resemble, brisk, between, floor, lunch, fork, panda, obtain 87. trend, rescue, arch, olive, vessel, plastic, today, aspect, style, obstacle, kitchen, arm 88. ill, age, discuss, pigeon, chaos, toward, rely, fatal, cup, valley, leave, section 89. fun, champion, spray, expire, fabric, program, drum, toast, wise, apricot, detail, exile 90. merge, figure, napkin, today, ice, folk, pact, soup, busy, push, journey, umbrella 91. often, elbow, cycle, rose, own, season, roast, suit, ladder, finally, sport, kind 92. lonely, twelve, pump, host, trash, stick, spike, true, rebel, renew, subject, pigeon 93. simple, cabin, fossil, cabbage, retire, vibrant, attend, end, index, family, frost, nurse 94. fortune, move, riot, olive, toy, venture, piano, around, top, river, jelly, culture 95. clan, salt, brisk, snack, trash, cheese, expect, nature, upset, rib, canvas, choose 96. vapor, code, wisdom, alien, paper, first, announce, sunny, bright, pioneer, girl, cluster 97. honor, page, teach, crane, mushroom, evil, offer, rapid, leisure, riot, draw, gentle 98. example, garlic, payroll, neglect, employ, cage, manual, avenue, broken, try, journey, skin 99. sharp, section, obey, business, inmate, acid, raise, shy, knee, sick, hollow, april 100. space, myth, maple, fabric, retreat, wealthy, words, tiny, strong, cliff, panther, cheese 101. bottle, tiny, water, tomorrow, test, bless, ask, pitch, flower, decrease, jewel, true 102. flavor, absent, inhale, wrist, near, stadium, manner, abandon, fee, jelly, steel, vehicle 103. praise, often, earn, divide, height, wheel, kangaroo, mystery, found, trigger, immense, sustain 104. castle, waste, sound, include, trout, stock, child, music, beef, leg, umbrella, bid 105. insect, table, inhale, machine, vacuum, accident, lock, language, blame, ridge, tag, logic 106. undo, harbor, valiant, genuine, said, sting, segment, survey, quick, hawk, soil, follow 107. flight, essay, park, fee, grant, marry, spoil, brave, cup, blanket, sell, equal 108. birthday, family, return, member, amazing, future, plug, sell, woman, panic, popular, eagle 109. faith, answer, shove, throw, parent, hard, often, subway, laundry, forget, lift, spirit 110. sound, front, adjust, possible, oxygen, ballet, century, postal, process, height, popular, equip 111. where, gun, pole, cruise, crumble, fuss, forward, claw, village, desk, orbit, wage 112. globe, language, asphalt, prefer, tiny, hint, diamond, blame, music, repeat, ribbon, august 113. audit, simple, age, cactus, family, knife, hover, adult, sleep, skate, wreck, october 114. craft, margin, phone, pave, advance, print, lunar, wrong, figure, trade, silk, music 115. camp, solve, program, dragon, range, silent, ship, fashion, pause, team, own, quality 116. cram, common, season, trial, mean, all, zoo, fruit, thing, autumn, stock, sleeve 117. exhibit, dice, pitch, chunk, course, metal, welcome, worth, coral, crucial, bachelor, panic 118. polite, join, recall, uneven, incredible, little, pencil, labor, junk, moon, canvas, ready 119. output, return, club, nurse, urban, problem, hybrid, express, foster, fuel, brother, magic 120. high, loan, enforce, grow, opera, rifle, elephant, brain, trust, exist, bulb, burger 121. crouch, acid, achieve, fantasy, ship, throw, devote, abuse, pact, sugar, void, electric 122. peace, street, hip, hospital, dutch, purity, general, huge, reject, please, repeat, dialogue 123. tree, rug, twice, kitten, artist, table, glove, auction, chef, martial, patch, field 124. admit, fortune, try, attack, leopard, keen, inmate, goat, rail, bamboo, mix, turtle 125. bowl, forum, fitness, dune, vampire, wedding, old, figure, razor, ostrich, observe, landlord 126. celery, cake, trip, decide, impulse, unfair, mansion, expire, meadow, anxiety, tree, park 127. merry, want, impulse, buyer, terrible, always, joy, october, kind, next, seed, boost 128. orient, flat, someone, mango, slogan, shoot, jacket, casino, enhance, apple, unfair, judge 129. portion, marry, coal, learn, love, diet, learn, october, agile, fox, luggage, sniff 130. ivory, lonely, other, rich, amazing, board, mouse, kind, humble, glory, music, grape 131. midnight, peace, cliff, abandon, recurrent, manage, fabric, vintage, loan, prize, mesh, ocean 132. mom, wine, either, sense, pig, street, marriage, stuff, copper, orbit, grace, assume 133. today, soldier, size, vanish, climb, secret, bacon, toast, tank, mass, ratio, emerge 134. loyalty, cool, excite, hint, mouse, absurd, penalty, puppy, system, really, suit, pull 135. arrows, soccer, kid, body, pill, wolf, recall, enter, north, drop, uphold, fashion 136. space, agent, mouth, approve, night, view, dignity, proceed, clerk, proud, enable, hundred 137. melody, remain, include, flourish, wolf, rocket, central, odor, program, turtle, easy, enjoy 138. labor, eye, public, demand, spray, garbage, fame, cheese, vessel, juice, act, emerge 139. engage, hungry, intact, gang, toward, miracle, lawn, quiz, prompt, wait, deliver, chaos 140. haunted, biscuit, left, enjoy, sight, scatter, sister, antique, say, actor, mad, slight 141. canyon, stable, border, poem, oak, limb, faculty, spray, yard, similar, destiny, almost 142. stomach, hope, beach, video, happy, change, goddess, enslave, enact, walnut, swing, item 143. melody, advice, fashion, veranda, fudge, source, stone, much, honest, noodle, useful, solve 144. poverty, trip, All, solar, bicycle, bargain, firm, deliver, election, wolf, bird, abroad 145. afford, switch, reveal, trick, review, orient, country, nephew, casino, recycle, grant, merry 146. popular, inform, universe, absent, step, brisk, indoor, knee, expand, swamp, crunch, term 147. elephant, brother, judge, east, ancient, marble, stamp, steam, vibrant, peanut, limit, large 148. trial, person, village, usage, board, knife, inject, square, clever, pizza, bitcoin, october 149. only, true, erode, flea, cousin, library, trumpet, genuine, latin, nuclear, sauce, faith 150. exact, pill, trouble, fox, awful, dance, only, wealth, have, examine, meat, claw 151. lemon, exhaust, alert, flat, indoor, genre, blade, this, tweak, admit, fee, drill 152. need, program, lemon, side, task, bracket, parrot, blanket, coin, crunch Update (2024-02-10): seed phrases with a positive balance: 1. abandon oxygen behave engine balcony fun officer tuition hard flash scout 2. acid abandon permit onion mosquito dance conduct wagon crush witness 3. acid grab drum delay heavy carbon harvest emerge gossip express 4. actor urge good sausage typical dice average ship fever device 5. adult castle clutch apart vicious banana label jewel all dance 6. adult flesh adapt gravity chef achieve copper income cabbage alpha 7. advice rent treat invest turmoil science roof elder captain alien 8. afraid vital divide trash disease unfair update helmet crop prior 9. agent decline coffee sponsor jazz rebel bridge art become angle 10. air long hockey gadget blast bar poet sibling topic rough 11. alarm whale echo height shaft ensure off gravity submit kingdom 12. aisle aim sick shy east airport fiber limit frost boat 13. alien enrich chronic brand wide rescue purpose animal thunder omit 14. alley dealer excess trap fly silk good cheap blast maximum 15. alpha seven debris lemon remain -- -- -- -- -- -- 16. amateur size nerve client chunk place vicious short stereo beauty 17. anchor depot brush bench girl curtain busy three gaze cure 18. anger borrow satisfy ceiling lonely great slim duct ground picnic 19. ankle pay enlist angry behind trip lobster urge pool test 20. answer tip recipe wreck question melody pipe adult spatial ahead 21. apple castle source reject unlock symbol jazz penny cloud craft 22. arena shove want shy police loss monster breed eye anger 23. armor sample summer basil filter quality since fabric worry gorilla 24. arrow bright dismiss tendency hatch attempt fan acid upon sword 25. artist devote canvas senior vapor west junk matter vendor feel 26. ascent benefit piano thrive erosion cash jaguar odor exhibit interest 27. ask sad essence various absurd bench outdoor town nerve let 28. attack stone tattoo foot sort egg zero respond habit allow 29. attempt dust trick unusual garage saddle saddle racket involve grant 30. attend balcony educate armor gown rice way violin trend warfare 31. attract absorb drama dilemma attract tongue stock lawn barrel scenario 32. away rent neutral remember damage update robot balloon wear genuine 33. baby second bless horn simple deposit hybrid nuclear emerge exotic 34. back unfair shadow surface alcohol gasp veteran pumpkin mail endorse 35. bacon shy stool beyond auto mind coconut glove sibling ostrich 36. badge exclude patch potato tobacco guard chef hospital hero circle 37. bag legal car occur booth arena involve solar south chaos 38. bag sport employ talent photo bash island accuse golden quote 39. bake icon stick fatal artist about weather throw front split 40. bakery common edge shed fabric illegal tribe fossil spoil bloom 41. balance actor absent brick foam picture next weaver harvest economy 42. ball organic armdraft tissue awful audit move save woman whale 43. bamboo fresh film theme magnet grow leopard pill burger token 44. banana inform yogurt prevent season reopen finish crouch enrich skew 45. banner velvet chest damp property pumpkin ostrich blank apology photo 46. barber foster parrot luxury vessel writer tortoise remember bunker alone 47. barely crater siren parrot black unfold lab incur credit weasel 48. barrel dust remember knife bottom visit ideal volcano twelve poet 49. base bulk court file fire brief abstract spell dragon donate 50. basic useful workshop swallow clown want reunion settle eyebrow planet 51. basketball women practice any life once ceiling zoo large bless 52. battleship antenna tiny olive mix action mammal dragon end onion 53. before angle hawk install home pigeon economy labor fabric recipe 54. behave prison shove canal gesture exotic inherit quote quarter nurse 55. behind luggage exhaust admit element deploy spirit draw solid wall 56. believe decade volume fuel error tide dragon obey adult shy 57. belong shift enjoy fury envelope hair anchor idle poet skirt 58. below result welcome soon bike bullet cabbage atom doctor example 59. belt label absolute release parrot usage blue emotion cliff sell 60. bench worth coral depart warrior collect eager soul price tedious 61. best kite clerk visual mango wall soup service exist luxury 62. beta area elevator social peanut symbol melt clinic result sponsor 63. bicycle bowl genius chronic napkin useless meat tray grill quiz 64. biker vomit energy excuse fade before crater quick another trick 65. bind bronze flee velvet wolf same skill pool enormous baby 66. bird alarm juice hire reflect member hello unique erupt morning 67. biscuit steak eagle tiger claw churn adapt income grid roof 68. blackjack perfect sulking splash damp frost victory brave result skill 69. blanket answer possible second sure seat science nephew loss prevent 70. bleach retreat advice grocery half leg height deer drastic secret 71. blend guilt brave employ alive subject garage shop ring fiber 72. blink victory skull hope crowd scandal jewel toe shaft frost 73. blister merge depend screen bronze daring rush nature month stand 74. bloat upper fall prefer forum diesel turtle grant cargo cost 75. blob spot grab rubble replace gorilla segment outdoor page guilt 76. block fork quick slender afford silent regret slam valley cover 77. blog obstacle proof reunion qualify advice ranch warmth place lecture 78. blond junior common crack ancient travel soli