Artificial Intelligence
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10 examples of metaphors in English from popular scientific English texts with an indication of the source

text. 1. "Our eyes are like cameras, capturing images and sending them to our brain for processing." - Source: National Geographic article on the science of vision 2. "The human brain is a powerful computer, constantly processing and storing information to help us make sense of the world." - Source: Scientific American article on brain function 3. "The planets in our solar system are like siblings, all born from the same cosmic dust but each with their own unique characteristics." - Source: NASA website on the solar system 4. "Cells are the building blocks of life, constantly reproducing and adapting to their environment like tiny machines." - Source: Biology textbook on cell structure 5. "Gene expression is like an orchestra, with each gene playing a specific role in the complex symphony of life." - Source: Nature article on gene expression 6. "The immune system is a fortress, constantly patrolling and defending the body against invading pathogens." - Source: Medical text on immunology 7. "The human body is a well-oiled machine, with each organ and system working together in perfect harmony." - Source: Anatomy textbook 8. "The ecosystem is a delicate balance, with each species playing a crucial role in maintaining its stability." - Source: Ecology journal article 9. "DNA is the blueprint of life, containing all the instructions for building an organism." - Source: Genetics textbook 10. "Magnetism is like an invisible force, pulling opposite poles together and repelling like poles." - Source: Physics textbook on electromagnetism